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Product application:
1.Advertising signs industry
Stickers,self adhensive sticker letters
2.Diatom mud industry:
Applied to pre-cut diatom mud patterns
3.Heat transfer industry:
Cutting letters in the above of heat transfer film,dark color heat transfer film
contour cut,luminous film,various colors heat transfer PU material(used in clothes,
hats,mugs,pillows,other arts and crafts decorations)
4.Self-adhensive sticker industry:
Cutting contour line of printed stickers,self adhensive labels,PVC labels,small
quantities of printed die-cutting industry
5.Arts and crafts card paper industry:
Cutting various arts and crafts paper,greeting cards,banquet cards,paper model,
Chinese knot,etc.
(Main cutting materials:coated paper,iridescent paper,photo paper,model PVC)
6.Automotive beauty industry:
Professional car body arts custom,change car body color,exterior modifications,etc.
7.Wall sticker and car sticker industry:
Processing all types of glass wall stickers,cartoon wall stickers,car head stickers,
bumper stickers,fuel tank cap arts,etc.
(Mainly cutting stickers,reflective film,glass film)




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